Age: 23

Homestate: OH-IO

What is your favorite thing about Columbus: The combination of the culture, diversity, and people that makes Columbus a place with tons of things to do, see, and eat.

Nightowl or Morning Person? Where does 4am fall into?

Embarassing traits? I tend to fumble or mash words together when I talk.  But they usually turn out to be a good laugh.

Bad Habits? Getting off track when my mind wonders

Pet Peeves: Courtney Banks

Favorite Drink: I only drink 3 things.  Water, coffee, and Long Islands

Favorite TV Show: 2 and a Half Men

Hidden Talents: Isn't it hidden for a reason?

Favorite Social Media Medium: Match.com.....I mean..Facebook :)


Watch my video to learn more about me! What do I do for the website? What was I like in high school?